True Eye Experts of New Tampa and Trinity are now offering Blephex for dry eye treatment. Dr. Teske refers to this BlephEx as a” truly revolutionary treatment that goes straight to the source of the problem”. BlephEx has the potential power to positively affect your eye health as well as save you a ton of money. If you’ve ever suffered from conditions such as dry eyes, MGD, or had problems with contact lens intolerance, then your eyes are in for a life-changing treat!

What is Blephex?

Blephex is a newly developed tool and treatment program that helps ophthalmologists rid their patients of the causes of Blepharitis and a variety of chronic eye conditions. Dry eye sufferers are all too familiar with itchy, rough eye irritations and the sensation that there’s a foreign object floating around beneath the lids. Until recently, there was no recourse for these immensely annoying conditions except continuous applications of eye drops or painful (and somewhat ineffective) “eye-washes” using mild baby shampoos. With BlephEx, the need to perform these frustrating treatments is a thing of the past.

How Does Blephex Work?

Blepharitis is the most common eye disease in the world and it is the condition that leads to such irritations as Dry Eye disease and MGD. It is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the eye that leads to “Exotoxins” which create inflammation of the eyelids. Since the area underneath the eyelids is one of the only areas on the body that never gets washed, these Exotoxins continuously grow and eventually cause the buildups that lead to the blockage of tear ducts in the eye. This, in turn, results in conditions such as Dry Eye syndrome. Previously, there was no way to halt the production of the Exotoxins, but with Blephex, eye doctors can perform a procedure that removes the bacterial overgrowth and rids the eyelids of the Exotoxin buildup.

Is Blephex a One-Time Treatment?

As the treatment is targeting the continuous growth of bacteria under the eyelids, the Blephex procedure would have to be performed regularly, about every 4 months in order to provide ongoing relief. However, the treatment only takes about eight minutes to perform and most patients report that the procedure is easy to tolerate. Most significantly, patients who have suffered from dry, irritated, red, or itchy eyes and eye diseases for years maintain that Blephex has provided significant and very welcome relief.

How Can I Get a Blephex Treatment in New Tampa and Trinity?

The first step is to have your doctor evaluate your eyes and determine whether Blephex would be the right type of treatment for your needs. Blephex is not currently covered by insurance, but it is a very affordable, long-term solution to chronic eye conditions. Call us to schedule an appointment in our office for an onsite evaluation. Our knowledgeable eye doctors and staff are always happy to answer any questions that you may have!


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