• can astigmatism go away

    Can Astigmatism Go Away Naturally?

    An astigmatism is one of several types of refractive errors your eye doctor may diagnose you with if you are noticing a change in your vision. It is relatively common and affects around 30% of the population. If you’ve been diagnosed with astigmatism, it’s important to understand your diagnosis and how your symptoms may change…

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  • prescription eye drops for dry eyes

    OTC Artificial Tears vs. Prescription Eye Drops

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that more than 16 million Americans have been diagnosed with dry eye disease. However, they state that as many as 50 million could suffer from dry eye symptoms at any time. If you experience eye dryness, you know how uncomfortable it is. Thankfully, you can try several treatment…

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  • How Bad Is My Eye Prescription?

    How Bad Is My Eye Prescription? What The Numbers Mean

    Reading your eye prescription can be tricky – there are many symbols and numbers to decipher. However, we shouldn’t ask ourselves “how bad is my eye prescription?” but rather how can we best correct our vision to improve our eyesight?  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when reading all those numbers and symbols, but they are…

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  • Do Your Eyes Roll Back When You Sleep?

    Have you ever wondered what your eyes do when you finally close them after a long day of visual processing and stimulation? Let’s take a closer look at what happens behind your closed lids when your head hits the pillow. What Do Your Eyes Do When You Sleep?  During sleep, our closed eyes function in…

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  • glasses for migraines

    Glasses for Migraines: How Do They Work?

    Would you be surprised to learn that you have more options for pain relief if you suffer from migraines? If you have noticed more frequent migraines in the last two years, you’re not alone. The Journal of Headache and Pain reports that 59.6% of patient surveys report an increase in migraine frequency due to the…

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  • how to protect your eyes

    10 Tips to Protect Your Vision

    If you’re wondering how to protect your eyes in the age of remote work, social media, and screen time, you’re not alone. Maybe you frequently forget to safeguard your eyes with sunglasses, or you have a job requiring you to sit at the computer for most of your workday. You might have also skipped your…

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  • advanced eye exam vero beach fl

    Advanced Eye Exams in Vero Beach, FL

    The CDC states that 93 million Americans are at high risk for vision loss. However, only half of these individuals visited an eye doctor in the past year. Eye care is a serious matter, especially as you age, and not enough Americans see their doctor regularly.  Here’s how to prepare for your appointment. What Happens…

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  • how to adjust glasses

    How to Adjust Your Glasses for the Perfect Fit

    New glasses are exciting to try on and take home, but even the best-fitting pair can wear over time.  There are several factors (including frame material) that can result in the glasses losing their perfect fit and causing them to either fall off your face or slide down your nose.  Fortunately, a change in the fit…

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  • same day glasses in apopka FL

    Same-Day Glasses Service in Apopka, FL

    What are you supposed to do if you suddenly lose or break your only pair of glasses?  Undoubtedly, you’ll need a replacement pair right away. But glasses usually take several days (or weeks) to make, meaning you’ll be unable to see correctly until then. At True Eye Experts of Apopka (formally Clarke’s Hunt Club Optical),…

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  • Can Eye Drops Replace Your Reading Glasses?

    Eye Drops To Replace Reading Glasses

    If you find yourself reaching for your reading glasses again and again as you age, you’re in good company—almost everyone over the age of 40 experiences this kind of eyesight problem to some degree. But what if you could use eyedrops to replace your reading glasses? You can. Vuity is the only FDA-approved eye drop…

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