• Why are My Eyes Itchy at Night?

    You wake up in the middle of the night, and your eyes feel itchy. You try to get back to sleep, but you can’t stop thinking about how uncomfortable it is. You probably rub until they become red and inflamed, but the itchiness still persists. This can go on for weeks or months at a…

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  • How Old Do You Have to Be to Wear Contacts?

    Children may benefit from corrective lens wear for various reasons, ranging from refractive error correction to vision therapy. The most common is a high refractive error—however, glasses worn to correct this can magnify or minimize images, cause peripheral distortion, and reduce one’s field of view. Glasses may also be uncomfortable and unappealing to a young…

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  • Sudden Blurry Vision in One Eye? Here’s What to Do

    We rely on our vision to interact with the world every day, and it can be unnerving when there’s a change in how we see. Experiencing sudden blurry vision or cloudy vision in one eye isn’t terribly uncommon, but there are a number of potential causes—some far more serious than others. If you have sudden blurry vision…

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  • Pain or Pressure Behind the Eye: What It Could Mean

    Everyone experiences pressure or pain behind the eyes from time to time. However, this eye pain can last for long periods or become particularly concerning if you don’t know what’s provoking it.   There are a few causes of this pain or pressure, each with unique symptoms and recommended treatment. It’s also common that this pain…

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  • Your Baby’s Vision Development: What Do They See?

    Your baby has a beautiful future in store – make sure they can see it. Once your baby is born, their eyes are developing so that they can see the world around them. But sometimes, their eyes need a little help.  Understanding how baby vision development works will help you know whether things are going…

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  • Driving at Night With Astigmatism: 5 Tips to See Better

    Driving while it’s dark outside is a challenge for everyone. However, if you have astigmatism or an irregular cornea or lens shape that affects your sight, you may have additional trouble seeing well enough for nighttime driving. 

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  • Is It OK to Wear Your Reading Glasses All the Time?

    If you’re squinting to read your phone screen or holding the morning newspaper far away from your face to see the words, you may need reading glasses. But how often should you wear these spectacles? Is wearing reading glasses all the time a bad thing? Below, we will answer all your questions about wearing reading…

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  • Hard Contact Lenses vs. Soft Contact Lenses

    Contact lenses can offer a world of convenience over frames. When making the decision to shift from framed glasses to contact lenses, you may encounter that there’s more than one type of lens.  Depending on factors such as the shape of your eye, your optometrist will recommend either hard or soft contact lenses. Read on…

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  • Optometric machinery for eye exams

    How Long Does LASIK Last? What You Should Know

    If you’ve struggled with impaired sight, you have more than likely heard of LASIK. LASIK stands for “Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis,” and is a procedure that can help those who experience sight problems such as blurry vision. Due to this procedure often resulting in a patient no longer needing corrective lenses of any kind, LASIK may…

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  • Is LASIK Worth It? The Benefits and Risks Explained

    Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? LASIK may be the answer. Laser eye surgery has been around for several years now with tremendous success. However, not every vision impaired person should get it, so you may be asking yourself, “Is LASIK worth it?”  Understanding the process, benefits, and risks can help you determine…

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