Everything You Need to Know About neurolens®

Remote work and office jobs that require screen time can lead to unpleasant symptoms and side effects. Eye strain is common, but relief can be hard to find. Luckily, neurolens® can step in to help.

Are you a good candidate for this cutting-edge technology in your prescription lenses? Use this guide to help you understand what neurolens® could do for you. 

What Is neurolens®?

neurolens® is both a measurement device and specialized prism optic lenses. The former helps diagnose visual misalignment to determine if neurolens® eyeglass lenses may help.

neurolens® are also corrective lenses featuring prism optics that aim to reduce the symptoms of visual misalignment, which can cause eye strain. This visual misalignment is literally double vision. While your eyes and brain work together to help correct the double vision and misalignment so that you only see one set of images instead of two, they become fatigued. This fatigue then leads to headaches and muscle tension from the shoulders up. neurolens® helps correct the misalignment at a distance and nearby by moving the image for the eye’s muscles to help your brain see one image more easily, which can lessen the symptoms. Because of the construction of this lens, it can correct for objects in the distance and nearby by offering different amounts of correction based on where the wearer is looking. 

neurolens® aims to:

  • Realign the eyes
  • Minimize symptoms of eye strain
  • Relieve pressure on the nerves

The trigeminal nerve is a big reason why so many people opt for neurolens®. This nerve connects your eyes and brain and is vitally important to your sense of sight. Misalignment in the eyes can cause undue pressure on this complex nerve. The pressure and resulting symptoms are referred to as trigeminal dysphoria.

This pressure can lead to discomfort, including headaches and strain and other symptoms like dry eyes. Eye strain may even lead to neck or shoulder pain or increased sensitivity to light. 

Because our nerves are all linked together, your brain and body sometimes think that the problem is near the issue and not the issue itself. The nerves connected to the eye muscles helping with the misalignment are also linked to the shoulders, cranial muscles, jaw, and sinuses. That means you may be feeling pain in these other associated spots while not being aware of the misalignment. If you are experiencing this type of discomfort, it’s important to get screened to see if you have a misalignment of your eye muscles that could be masking itself in nearby nerve pain.

neurolens® Measurement Device

The diagnostic used to detect misalignment and prescribe this lens is the neurolens® Measurement Device. It’s also referred to as the nMD1 or nMD2, the first and second generation of the measurement device. 

The diagnostic instrument helps determine the amount of misalignment and double vision both at a distance and nearby. Most people have more visual misalignment when looking at close objects than when looking at a distance, so using a computer or reading for an extended period can increase headaches and exacerbate eye fatigue.

The neurolens® diagnostic device makes it easy for your eye doctor to diagnose a misalignment and help you on your path to better vision.

Who Can Use neurolens®?

neurolens® has been a vital source of relief for those who work in fields that require computer work, reading, or detailed work. Spending hours staring at screens can be unavoidable if it’s part of the job. These long hours can cause uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms that can interfere with work, like eye strain.

Someone experiencing eye strain, chronic headaches, or other symptoms can use these lenses to correct and relieve their condition. This makes it a great option for relief for students, those who work on a computer all day, and anyone who may spend long hours squinting at small details or words on a page.

Many patients needing neurolens® may not have worn glasses before to see at a distance or up close but do need help with their eye misalignment.If you think you may be a good candidate for these lenses, you can schedule an appointment with our team.

What Are The Benefits of neurolens®?

Prism optics is nothing new for use in any prescription lens. Contoured prisms like that in the neurolens®, though, allow for the unique pairing of an individual’s specific misalignment, whether they are near or far-sighted. It can even work if they don’t require refractive lenses at all. This isn’t a generic fit — it’s a perfect match.

Are you unsure if this technology could be what you need to help with symptoms? Below, we’ve listed this treatment’s pros and cons to help you determine if it’s right for you.


  • Minimizes headaches and eye strain
  • Reduces neck and shoulder pain as well as tension
  • Minimizes dry eyes and eye irritation
  • Generally, it limits the symptoms of eye strain from screens or digital media
  • Treats chronic headaches and other ailments related to up-close or detailed work or reading
  • The money-back-guarantee offers 100% client satisfaction
  • Works on near-sighted patients, far-sighted patients, and patients who don’t require refractive lenses


  • Not covered by insurance for many clients
  • It can be costly upfront (up to $1000 out of pocket)

Should Certain People Refrain from Trying neurolens®?

The great news about this corrective technology is that long-term complications are not present. This means that anyone hoping to relieve their eye strain side effects can do so without complications. This technology allows patients the freedom to live their lives symptom-free.

Consider though that neurolens® does have an adjustment period. neurolens® needs to be worn the majority of the day to have an effect on the symptoms. Adjusting to the neurolens® prescription can take time. Typically a few hours or days of continual wear is needed, but some uses may take longer to acclimate.

Final Thoughts — Is neurolens® Right For You?

Eye strain doesn’t have to mean constant discomfort and disruption. If you struggle to get through the workday due to symptoms that are difficult to control, you may benefit from this innovative technology. 

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it is easy to try and hassle-free. It has been a success in our office, with over 95% of patients have kept the lenses and found relief from using them. Schedule your appointment today to let our qualified team determine if neurolens® could improve your quality of life.


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