Intro to Designer Eyeglasses

What’s So Special About Designer Eyewear Anyway?

At True Eye Experts, we love designer frames — in fact, we’re very proud of our large collection of designer frames and the options it provides to our patients. Between our New Tampa and Trinity locations, we carry over 30 different designer brands. However, we understand that for those unfamiliar with designer eyewear, having such a wide variety of frames from which to choose can be intimidating.

While our expert opticians will help you identify the very best frames for your personality, style, and vision goals, in order to help you learn more about our collection, we wanted to give you a beginner’s intro to some of our designer frames. 

Costa Del Mar

Whether you’re fishing, boating, or swimming, if you have a passion for being on or near the water, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are for you. With their patented, 100% UV protection, polarized lenses, Costas are made for the adventurous, outdoors-loving spirit. The proprietary technology used in these lenses make activities on the water easier on the eyes.

Costa Del Mar began designing sunglasses in 1983 when a group of hardcore fishermen wanted their sunglasses to live up to their adventurous lifestyles. For over 35 years, Costa has had a mission to create the best sunglasses on the planet for life’s great adventurers.

Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade New York, which began in 1993, is known worldwide for its accessories that exude a modern sensibility, sophistication, and love of color.

Kate Spade glasses are designed with femininity, sensibility, and elegance. Whether you’re searching for reading or prescription glasses, the graphic prints and crisp colors of Kate Spade frames are perfect for anyone with a sophisticated, yet playful, style. Kate Spade also carries petite frame styles to better fit those with smaller features.


Another New York-based and inspired company is COACH. Founded in 1941, COACH began as a small, family-run business that operated out of a Manhattan loft. They have since grown into an internationally recognized provider of modern luxury accessories, including prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

COACH is known globally for its innovation and signature brand style. They have built their name on providing their customers with quality, luxury products that have an “all-American attitude” and a signature, New York style.


MICHAEL KORS is a world-renowned brand famous for its luxury accessories and ready-to-wear clothing. The company began in 1981 when its namesake, award-winning designer Michael Kors, launched his own line of clothing.

The MICHAEL KORS brand is often recognized by its signature use of the “MK” pattern, but it’s also known for its quality and timelessness. The clothing and accessories line is highly regarded for being both sophisticated and suitable for everyday wear.


Ray-Ban has been a leading provider of sunglasses and prescription eyewear since it was founded in 1936. The brand is responsible for innovative, classic styles, many of which have been made into icons by their placement in pop culture.

The Ray-Ban Aviator, which was first designed for pilots in the U.S. Army, was popularized by Tom Cruise in the 1986 drama Top Gun. Ray-Ban would also go on to design the Wayfarer style, which became popular in the 1950s and 60s, before enjoying a rebirth in the 80s, due in part to Risky Business, another Tom Cruise hit, and again in the present. Yet another style made popular by the silver screen is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, worn by Ferris Bueller and the cast of Reservoir Dogs.

Today, Ray-Ban continues to create innovative, yet timeless, sunglasses and glasses that are worn by movie stars, celebrities, and public figures across the world.

Find Your Pair of Designer Eyewear

When we say that we carry frames for everyone — no matter your budget, style, or vision goals — we mean it. These are only a few of the many designer brands of eyewear we offer at True Eye Experts. To see them all, stop into one of our stores and let our opticians help you find the pair that fits your style!

Whether what you’ve learned here has helped you decide on which brand you’d like to try, or if you want to explore the other brands we have to offer, we can help you find your next pair of frames. 


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