Quality Eyeglass Lenses

Not all glasses are created equal. There are many large optical chains that offer glasses at prices that seem too good to be true. Some of them even offer glasses that can be ready-made in less than an hour. The common factor with glasses that are this fast and cheap is their low quality. Lots of these companies import thousands of lenses that are prefabricated and oftentimes don’t have quality control measures implemented to safeguard you from glasses that are made inaccurately or made of poor quality materials that won’t last.

True Eye Experts truly embraces quality eye care in all aspects of our practice. No matter how thorough your eye exam is, your prescription is only as good as your lenses. This is why we have partnered with handpicked local laboratories who custom create your prescription using only the finest materials and technology available in the industry today. See some of our amazing lens options below!

Varilux® Progressive Lenses

Our office prides itself on fitting almost all of our progressive lens patients in Varilux lenses. Varilux is the industry leader and currently holds over a dozen patents on lens technology that ensures the best vision and ease of use. Varilux lenses are the only lens on the market with W.A.V.E. Technology™: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement. This gives you sharper vision under low light conditions at all distances.


Eyezen Lenses

These lenses have changed the lives of many of our younger patients who require glasses when they are in school. This includes our patients who attend college. Eyezen lenses defend against digital eye strain by incorporating a Smart Blue Filter to protect the eyes from harmful high energy visible blue light. This is the harmful wavelength of light that is emitted from tablets, phones, and computers. Eyezen lenses also have a built-in power boost at the bottom of the lens to aid the wearer when they have to look down frequently to take notes or read a document at a glance.




Crizal® UV Lenses

Crizal anti-reflective lens treatments are known around the world to be the most durable lens enhancement that anyone can get. Crizal lenses protect against all forms of glare and reflections, whether they are from a computer screen, overhead lighting, or oncoming headlights at night. Crizal is the most scratch-resistant treatment possible because it is ionically bonded to the lens material, which means it can never wear off or flake away.  All Crizal treatments also protect against UV light and come with an unconditional replacement warranty against any scratches for the first two years of ownership!

Xperio UV™ Polarized Lenses

Xperio UV™ Polarized Lenses are amazing sunglass lenses that provide the ultimate in sun protection as well as enhance color clarity to the environment around you. They are available in almost any type of prescription and come in a wide variety of lens colors to suit your visual needs or to match the color of your frame. Xperio UV™ Polarized Lenses provide the highest UV protection available: E-SPF® index of 50+**

* E-SPF® is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by 3rd party experts. A lens rating of E-SPF® 50 means that an eye protected by the lens will receive 50 times less UV exposure than an unprotected eye.

True Eye Experts create glasses that are built to last.  Schedule your V Eye P eye exam today so we can find the lens that will give you the clear vision you need.