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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment at True Eye Experts

Most of our patients have heard the term pink eye before — it’s practically a household term for an eye infection. If you think that you may have pink eye, our team at True Eye Experts can definitely help with that. Even if you don’t have pink eye, hopefully we might be able to tell you a little bit more about what pink eye is and what to look out for!

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What is Conjunctivitis?

The eyeball, and inside of the upper and lower eyelids, are lined with a membrane called the conjunctiva. This membrane is the first line of defense against any type of surface infections. The term “conjunctivitis” simply means that there is some type of an infection, inflammation, or swelling that is occurring on this membrane.

There are three different types of conjunctivitis: allergic, bacterial, and viral. None of these are pleasant, but we can help treat all of them. If you suspect you may have pink eye, we recommend that you call one of our locations for further assistance. We have specialized equipment that’s able to quickly rule out and diagnose what type of infection you have. It doesn’t hurt that it usually ends up costing less at our eye doctor’s office than with any general practitioner!

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Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis is exactly what it sounds like: an inflammation of the conjunctiva triggered by an allergic reaction. This type of conjunctivitis is, thankfully, not contagious. The most common symptoms are weepy eyes, some itchiness, and general discomfort. Our most common and effective course of treatment for allergic conjunctivitis uses over-the-counter or prescription eye drops, depending on the severity of the case.

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Bacterial Conjunctivitis

When most people think of “pink eye,” they’re probably thinking of bacterial conjunctivitis. After all, its telltale symptom of bloodshot eyes is where “pink eye” gets its name. This is a bacterial infection that usually stems from someone transferring bacteria by scratching or rubbing around the eye with unwashed hands. Wearing contact lens too long and poor cleaning habits are also a high-risk factor for bacterial conjunctivitis.

This form of conjunctivitis can be very unpleasant, with pain, light sensitivity, and oftentimes crusty discharge. Bacterial conjunctivitis is very contagious, so we advise our patients in Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and other nearby areas to do their best to wash their hands, and avoiding all contact with their eyes is always best practice. There are prescription drops that we can prescribe which usually clear things up quickly.

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Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis has many similar symptoms to bacterial. The main differences are that it’s caused by a virus, and the onset of its symptoms is often faster than bacterial conjunctivitis. If one is sick with a respiratory or intestinal virus, it can result in a viral infection in the eye as well if there is shared contact — usually via touching or rubbing. There are many different ways that doctors can deal with a viral conjunctivitis case, but a common one is a prescription course of steroidal drops.

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Learn More About Pink Eye Treatment at True Eye Experts

For more information about pink eye treatment, visit one of our locations or schedule an appointment online to learn more.


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