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Check out our wide range of services to see how the True Eye Experts can help care for your eyes and provide clear vision!

Glasses and Contact Lenses

True Eye Experts helps you achieve clear vision in your daily life with superior vision correction services.  Our optometrists will help you decide what option will work best for your eyes and your lifestyle based on your prescription.  We can then help you pick out the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Pediatric Eye Exam Pediatric eye exams are essential for children to ensure proper development and healthy eyes.  True Eye Experts’ eye doctors are specially trained to administer pediatric eye exams.  We use innovative techniques and special eye charts that gather information without the child needing to speak.

Dry Eye Treatment True Eye Experts specializes in dry eye treatment that alleviates the irritating symptoms of dry eyes.  We can evaluate your eyes to determine the severity, and then prescribe the treatment that will work for your individual situation, such as eye drops, punctal plugs, and more.

Ortho K Treatment Ortho K is a vision correction treatment for children and teens that also works to control the progression of myopia.  Your optometrist will prescribe a special gas permeable contact lens that reshapes the cornea overnight for clear vision in the morning.

Glaucoma Treatment Our True Eye Exam takes digital images of your eye to evaluate whether or not you are at risk for glaucoma.  If we do detect a problem, we create a specialized glaucoma management program for you to prevent the condition from progressing and causing any more damage.

TRUE Eye Exam The True Eye Exam is unique to all True Eye Experts practices and is known as the best and most thorough eye exam in Florida.  It uses the latest technology to not only ensure an accurate prescription and lens fitting, but also triple check your overall eye health to prevent sight-threatening diseases.


True Eye Experts puts patients first. We are dedicated to creating an exceptional eye care experience that will truly make a difference in your life.


After years of working in the Tampa eye care industry, True Eye Experts wanted a change.  We became determined to build our own eye care practice that centered on exceptional eye care and exceptional patient experience.  So, we did.  We invested in state-of-the-art equipment, developed the True Eye Exam, and brought together a team of professionals who were committed to going above and beyond for their patients.



We are proud of our expert team of eye doctors who all hold the same values of putting the patient first and providing best-in-class eye care.  Our eye doctors are trusted experts in the community, innovators in their field, familiar with the latest eye care technology, and dedicated to an exceptional patient experience.  We care about getting the best results for our patients, and we accept no less than exceptional service from our doctors.


True Eye Experts strives for quality in every phone call, doctor’s visit, eye care product, and treatment plan.  We know that a great patient experience comes from not just quality service, but also quality products that actually work for your eyes.  This is why we invest in the latest technology, so that you always have the most advanced eye care techniques and treatments available to you when you come to True Eye Experts.


Our philosophy is simple: Always do what is best for the patient.  At True Eye Experts, you always come first.  We are committed to providing you high-quality care personalized to your unique eyes.  True Eye Experts believes in continuously improving our services and our knowledge, as we are lifelong learners.  We are always working to be better doctors for you and your family, so your eye care is truly exceptional every time.


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