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Wearing Glasses for the First Time: What to Expect

Written by Dr. Robert Prado

If you’re wearing glasses for the first time, you’re probably thrilled to be able to see properly. However, there’s also that awkward feeling of something constantly on your face that you’re not used to. And when you stand in front of the mirror for the first time, you may not recognize yourself.

It isn’t always easy to adjust, especially in the first few days, but you’ll get used to the sensation over time. You’ll also learn how to tell when something isn’t right with your lenses.

If you’re nervous about this new experience or worried the discomfort you feel now will last forever, you can ease your worries here. Below, we answer some of the common questions that come with wearing glasses for the first time.

The Side Effects of Wearing Glasses for the First Time

1. Headaches

If it’s your first time wearing glasses, you may experience headaches. Not to worry — it’s very common to experience minor headaches with new glasses. The frames put new pressure on the bridge of your nose and on your temples—a sensation that may take some getting used to. You may also feel some fatigue in your eyes from your new lenses for the first couple of days—your eyes are likely used to over-adjusting without the proper lenses, and need time to settle into seeing clearly.

In most cases, the headache goes away naturally after a few days. To help increase your comfort with your new glasses, you can take short breaks from wearing them throughout the day. As time goes on, try to wear them for longer periods of time before taking them off.

If your headaches are severe, don’t ease after a few days, or even get worse, make sure to contact your eye doctor. Your frames or lenses may need to be adjusted.

2. Feeling Sick

You may also experience mild nausea when wearing glasses for the first time. It’s normal since your brain is adjusting to the new lenses and vision. You’re finally seeing much more clearly than before, and your depth perception may also be changing as your vision improves.

This nausea is usually due to your brain trying to catch up to your eyes. The dissonance and adjustment period can cause some disorientation that can lead to mild nausea. Like headaches, the symptoms should disappear in a few days, but you can take short breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes and lessen the symptoms.

3. Eye Strain

Eye strain is another common feeling when wearing glasses for the first time. It could result from your eyes getting tired and sore before getting used to the new lenses. Try to wear your glasses for as long as you can—especially with corrective lenses or strong prescriptions, this eye strain comes from your eyes adjusting mechanically to the lenses. While it’s perfectly normal for your eyes to feel tired for the first few days, give your optometrist a call if symptoms persist.

4. Blurry Sight

Your vision may be blurry and distorted the first time you start using glasses. Your eyes and brain are trying to learn and adjust to the new images now that you have glasses. But the problem is only temporary.

It’s always important to take the necessary safety measures, such as avoiding driving and operating machinery when using glasses for the first few days. If you can, give yourself a few days to adjust to seeing with your new glasses before getting behind the wheel or relying heavily on your newly sharp eyesight.

5. Dizziness

Dizziness is another common feeling for new glass wearers, especially when the glasses are for correcting conditions such as astigmatism. Your eyes are now stronger, so you’re likely moving them more and not compensating with your head. This new sensation will take some time to get used to, but shouldn’t last long.

Are Your Glasses Too Strong?

Sometimes, lens prescriptions need adjustment. There are a few reasons why your lens could be off:

  • The optometrist may have made some errors during the examination,
  • The manufacturer may have made errors in the actual measurement of the lens, and it may not match the specified measurements.
  • The frames are not in perfect alignment with the center of your pupils.

It may also be the case that your frames are ill-fitting. When the frames that hold your lenses are putting an excessive amount of pressure on the nose, ears, or temples, it can lead to pain and discomfort that’s hard to ignore. You want your glasses to be as comfortable as possible, so speak with your optometrist if you feel they may be the issue.

If the symptoms mentioned above persist for weeks, it may be a prescription problem. You will need to contact an optometrist to discuss and address prescription concerns. Your vision may need to be retested and lenses adjusted. Also, make sure the lenses are from a reputable retailer to avoid lenses that are not right for you.

Only Trust the Best for Your Glasses

If it’s your first time wearing glasses, recommended solutions like wearing them for short periods and taking breaks should eliminate discomfort. But in case you experience persistent problems and have conditions such as astigmatism, schedule an appointment with our team at True Eye Experts to ensure the best results for your eyes.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Prado

Dr. Robert Prado attended Southern College of Optometry where he earned his Doctorate of Optometry degree. He has been honored for the past 30 years to help thousands of patients who have been impacted by eye disease or are looking to correct or enhance their vision. He has worked in various office settings throughout the years which have given him a unique perspective in managing and caring for your eyes. His passion for outreach has led him to participate in different mission trips, including living overseas for three and a half years to serve the people of Guam.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling and discovering new and exciting places, spending summer days camping with his family, hiking, kayaking, and biking. He also enjoys growing tomatoes.


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