Comprehensive Eye Exams at True Eye Experts

Your eye health comes first. This is the philosophy that guides everything we do at True Eye Experts, and it’s evident in our innovative, comprehensive eye exams.

When it comes to a test as comprehensive as our True Eye Exam, which screens your eyes in ways you may not have experienced with other eye doctors, we’re used to answering questions, and we invite you to ask them too. We’ll walk you through your results and address any concerns you might have, something you should come to expect from your Florida eye doctors.

Wavefront Aberrometer Corneal Topography of True Eye Experts

When we created our True Eye Exam, we established one of the most thorough eye exams in the industry. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that you have the most accurate prescription possible, and we’ve examined your eye health from every possible angle. True Eye Experts invests in the latest technology to offer high-quality eye care for all our patients. Our advanced technology gives us the data we need for early diagnosis and preventative care and provides effective treatment for eye disease management. Explore the innovative technology we use every day to deliver our patients exceptional eye care.

Wavefront Aberrometer Corneal Topography

During testing with our corneal wavefront aberrometer, we ask you to focus your eyes on a target. The aberrometer then generates a digital, 3D map of your eyes and in just a few seconds of your time, it can tell us a great deal about your eyes. From that map we can detect any physical irregularities in your eyes and give you the most accurate vision prescription possible.

Corneal topography is a non-invasive imaging method that maps the surface of your cornea. This three-dimensional map traces the unique curvatures of your eye to determine your vision quality, diagnose certain eye diseases, and better-fit contact lenses to your eye.

Optovue OCT Retinal Imaging

Our optometrists use an optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan to take a cross-section image of your retina, allowing us to analyze parts of your eye that can’t be seen in a typical eye exam. Not only can this reveal the smallest of issues in your eyes, it can also help us predict future changes or damage that may occur with your eyes, such as holes and tears in the retina, as well as macular degeneration (AMD).

The OCT scan uses light to create a high–resolution, color-coded cross-section of the structural layers in the back of your eye. This advanced digital imaging technology assesses the health of your eyes and assists in early diagnosis. It is a quick, non-invasive, and painless technique that is essential in detecting the following eye diseases:

Optovue Oct Retinal Imaging at True Eye Experts
using Optomap® Digital Retinal Imaging at True Eye Experts

optomap® Digital Retinal Imaging

We use optomap® retinal imaging to take an ultrawide, high-resolution, and full color photo of the back of your retina. This not only reveals early signs of eye conditions like cataracts, ocular melanoma, and retinal detachment, it also helps us to detect eye diseases and other medical conditions such as:

This cutting-edge technology takes a high-resolution digital image of the back of your eye to evaluate the health of your retina and optic nerve. True Eye Experts store these images in your personal eye health record so that we can compare images over time to track any irregularities in your eyes.

Visual Field Testing

We also offer visual field testing. By having you follow objects or lights with your eyes, particularly on the periphery of your vision, we can record and evaluate your sight, identifying any deficiencies or blind spots in your eyesight. This is useful in testing for eye conditions that affect your full range of vision, a list that includes glaucoma and AMD.

Our thorough True Eye Exam uses this cutting-edge technology to screen the health of your eyes and give you the most accurate prescription. Schedule an appointment today to see how our technology can help your vision!