EnChroma® Glasses for Color Blindness

EnChroma® Glasses for Color Blindness in Florida

Bring Color Into Your Life at True Eye Experts

At True Eye Experts, we believe that you should experience life in full color. We are proud to be one of the only authorized retailers on the West Coast of Florida to carry EnChroma glasses! EnChroma®’s patented lens technology allows color blind patients to see the world in its full, vibrant spectrum of color.

Bring Color Into Your Life at True Eye Experts

What is Color Vision Deficiency?

Color vision deficiency, also known as color blindness, is a common vision issue that causes a person to be unable to distinguish certain colors. Contrary to popular belief, most color blind people can still see some colors, although they have difficulty telling others apart.

The most common form of color blindness is a red-green deficiency, where people have a difficult time differentiating between red and green hues. Blue-yellow deficiency occurs less often, and total color blindness, where an individual can only see in shades of gray, is the rarest.

Color blindness is more likely to occur in men than in women, with about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women being affected worldwide.

What Causes Color Blindness?

Our eyes contain light-sensitive photoreceptors called cones that help recognize color. Cones are sensitive to either blue, red, or green light. Pigments within the cones help you distinguish between color. However, if your cones lack pigment, you will be color deficient.

Color blindness is most often inherited, but besides genetic causes, it can also be the result of complications from disease, aging, certain medications, or injury.

Am I Color Blind?

Color blindness isn’t black and white — literally or figuratively! It isn’t always easy to know if you’re color deficient, especially because a color deficiency can come in many different types and severity levels. Without a frame of reference, color blindness can go unnoticed.

If you have color blindness, the EnChroma® Color Blind Test can tell you if your color vision deficiency is mild, moderate, or strong — in less than 2 minutes. The test can not only confirm if you’re color blind but may also be able to determine what type and the severity of color blindness you have. It can also tell you which EnChroma glasses will improve your vision!

Color Blind Treatment in Florida
EnChroma® Glasses for Color Blindness in Florida

EnChroma® Glasses for Color Blindness

Until recently, color-deficient people didn’t have options that would clearly distinguish colors. However, thanks to revolutionary EnChroma® eyewear, life-changing color correction is possible by simply wearing these specialty lenses.

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Whether watching a movie, enjoying nature, driving, shopping, exploring an art museum or just spending time with loved ones, you deserve to experience life in full color. As an Authorized Retailer for EnChroma, you can count on True Eye Experts to provide the highest quality products to help you improve your color perception. Call one of our locations or schedule an appointment online to learn more about EnChroma® eyewear.