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Diabetes is a disease that affects many Americans and can cause serious damage to the eye. The most common complication from diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, and diabetics are also well known to be at a higher risk category for glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases.

Every diabetic should have a good eye doctor who knows their full history and screens for all of these conditions during their comprehensive eye exams. If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, please feel free to contact True Eye Experts now, and we would be happy to take you on as a new patient.

Diabetic retinopathy Treatment in Tampa, FL

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy comes in a few different forms, but in all cases, there is damage to the circulatory system at the back of the eye. Damaged blood vessels disrupt the normal, healthy blood flow required to nourish the delicate tissue in the back of the eye.

Loss of blood flow, or a ruptured vessel and the subsequent bleeding, can lead to many vision complications. In some cases, patients have had their retinopathy lead to even more serious conditions, such as macular edema. When you come to one of our locations for a comprehensive eye exam, we’re careful to screen for diabetic retinopathy and any signs that it may be developing.

Routine Exams Are Vital

People with diabetes should regularly get their eyes examined by a qualified optometrist. This is so important that in many cases, their primary doctor or endocrinologist will refer them, and even remind them frequently to visit the eye doctors. An eye exam is proven to be an effective means to screen for early signs of complications, and early treatment and slow or halt these conditions in their tracks.

True Eye Experts prides itself on the quality and thoroughness of our eye exams. The advanced technology that we use, such as our electronic coding system, generate very quick and easy-to-interpret results. This both allows us to provide faster diagnoses, and more easily co-manage your care with an eye specialist if necessary.

True Eye Experts Advanced Technology for Diabetic Eye Care

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