Pediatric Eye Exams at True Eye Experts

The AOA recommends that a child have their first comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist sometime between 6 and 12 months of age. It’s important to clarify that a pediatrician does NOT comprehensively examine eyes with their quick checks using a pen light and a letter chart. Pediatricians are amazing, but what they do during a child’s examination is focused on their physical wellness, and the eyes only get a basic, preliminary test as a result.

Our eye doctors check all aspects of your child’s eye health using the latest technology, and taking into consideration your child’s age and other unique factors. We’re here to ensure that their vision is clear, and that their eyes are healthy for the rest of their lives.

Pediatric Eye Care in Florida

What Our Doctors Check for During Pediatric Eye Exams

During a pediatric eye exam, the examination process will look different depending on the age group the child is in. For instance, let’s say that your child is too young to give reliable verbal feedback to the doctor. In these cases, True Eye Expert doctors use digital eye charts with software designed for children who don’t know the alphabet, or can’t articulate which of two options provides clearer vision. Our eye doctors can fully test for things these children can’t yet articulate.

We’ll test how well the eyes work together: whether the muscles work in tandem to have both eyes moving left to right and up and down the way they should. Our Lutz eye doctors will also look at the health of each structure of the eye, including the eyelids, membranes, optic nerve, retina, vascular system, and even eyelashes.

Working with Parents During Pediatric Eye Exams

Parents and/or guardians in the exam room are free to ask as many questions as they would like about their child’s vision. Our doctors are amazing with kids, and often so good at explaining the exams and results that even parents who come in with a list of questions don’t end up needing them. We strive to provide the best examination possible for children, and the best education possible for the parent or guardian.

Should your child need corrective lenses to help see things better in school or life in general, we have an amazing selection of frames for children, including pediatric and special needs frames which can sometimes be hard to find. The styles are fun, the frames are durable, and the prices are right.

Pediatric Eye Care at True Eye Experts

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