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Why Choose MezMerEyes Optical and True Eye Experts?

MezMerEyes and True Eye Experts have joined to deliver the very best in expert eye care to Crystal River. Our professional staff and board-certified independent eye doctor provide detailed, exceptional care.

  • Professional Staff
  • Board-Certified Independent Doctors
  • We Welcome New Patients
  • Wide Selection of Frames

Under the True Eye Experts umbrella, you can also expect personalized customer service and cutting-edge technology. Our team takes the time to listen to your concerns, accurately diagnose your vision challenges, and build an eye care plan with your day-to-day needs in mind.

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Proudly Serving Crystal River, Florida

At MezMerEyez Optical, we proudly serve the Crystal River, FL, area and its surrounding neighborhoods with exceptional eye care services. Our team of experienced optometrists is dedicated to providing personalized care and innovative solutions to help you achieve and maintain optimal vision health.

Request an appointment to see and enjoy the beauty of the area, including the fantastic manatees at Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Three Sisters Springs, and the history waiting to be discovered at Crystal River Archaeological State Park.

Here are some of the neighborhoods we serve in the Crystal River area:

  • Bay Villas
  • Crystal Heights
  • Crystal Manor
  • Crystal Shores
  • Dixie Park
  • Dixie Shores
  • Fort Island Gulf Beach
  • Indian Waters
  • Meadowcrest
  • Nature Coast Landings RV Resort
  • Ozello
  • Pirates Cove
  • Riverhaven Village
  • Rock Crusher Canyon
  • Seven Rivers Heights
  • Shell Island
  • Waterman Village
  • Woodland Estates
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Crystal River Optician

Expert Eye Care in Crystal River, Florida

A personalized, one-on-one experience is our top priority. You will receive optimal care from our optometric assistants and ample time with our Crystal River eye doctor, Dr. Claudia Chavez, to ensure that your issues are being heard and addressed.

We take into consideration every factor that determines your best choice of eyewear—once you’ve been thoroughly assessed, we respond in kind by putting in the technical work that ensures you receive the best in both function and fashion. Dr. Chavez and her team will analyze your prescription, lifestyle, personal taste, and face shape to help you decide which lenses and frames will be your perfect match.

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Dr Claudia Chavez

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No matter what kind of eye issue you’re facing, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff at True Eye Experts has you covered. With our custom treatment plans, advanced diagnostics, and ongoing follow-up care, we can help to keep your vision clear and healthy. Call (352) 292-8183 or request an appointment online today.

Doctors and Staff in Crystal River, Florida

  • Dr. Claudia Chavez, O.D.

    Primary Care Optometry for All Patients

    Crystal River Learn More
  • Hilda Fialko


    Crystal River
  • Jenny Gioe Crystal River

    Jennifer Gioe

    General Manager

    Crystal River

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The True Eye Experience at True Eye Experts

True Eye Experts invests in the latest technology to offer high-quality eye care for all our patients. Our advanced technology gives us the data we need for early diagnosis and preventative care and provides effective treatment for ocular disease management. Explore the innovative technology we use every day to deliver our patients exceptional eye care.

Your Trusted Source for Quality Eyewear

With an endless variety of lens types and frames, we will help you find the perfect eyewear to suit your vision needs. We stock a wide variety of designer frames and lens enhancements to perfectly complement your prescription.

Solutions for Hard-to-Fit
Contact Lens Patients

Contact lenses aren’t “one-size-fits-all,” and the wrong lenses can affect your quality of vision. If you’ve had trouble with contacts in the past, True Eye Experts can help with our personal contact lens fittings and specialized options. We also offer Ortho-K therapy for children with myopia.

Visit MezMerEyes Optical for Comprehensive Eye Care

It may surprise you that according to the National Eye Institute, around 3.2 million people in the United States have some type of visual impairment — and about 8.2 million more need to get their eyes examined to correct a refractive error like nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Eye problems look different for everybody. For example, adults may experience eye strain while working on computers, while kids may have trouble focusing in a classroom. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to protect your family’s eye health, and it starts with a comprehensive eye exam!

Specializing in eye care for the whole family, MezMerEyes Optical and True Eye Experts have joined to deliver the very best in expert eye care for the community in Crystal River. Schedule a yearly exam today for yourself and your children with an eye doctor in Crystal River, and learn more about the importance of lifelong eye care.

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Pediatric Eye Exams Are Essential to Eye Development

Eye exams for kids address many of the same issues as comprehensive exams for adults. For children who are growing and learning at exponential rates, it’s especially essential to keep up with eye health, changes in prescriptions, and examinations to ensure that their eye development is on track.

A child with unaddressed vision problems may have trouble learning in school and could be at risk of falling behind academically. Simple vision screenings help, but they aren’t enough to solve all eye problems that can be identified and addressed with a thorough eye exam.

Poor Vision Can Cause Many Issues for All Ages

Vision problems can affect more than your eyes. In children, you may notice trouble reading or behavior problems in school or at home. Adults may experience frequent headaches, eyestrain, or a feeling of dryness.

Digital Device Use Means Eyes Needs Special Protection

Kids and adults use screens for school, work, and leisure time. Therefore, protecting your eyes while using your devices is essential to ensure you see correctly and do not develop eye strain.

It’s also a good idea to look at how close you are holding your device to your eyes and use blue-light-blocking settings (or lenses customized to make screen light easier on your eyes).

Learn More About Pediatric Eye Care
Pediatric Eye Exam Crystal River

Catch Problems Early by Seeing Your Eye Doctor in Crystal River

A yearly eye exam should do more than check your eye’s ability to see. Your annual exam allows your eye doctor to look at the overall health of your eyes, evaluating for symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry eyes
  • Macular degeneration

MezMerEyes Optical and True Eye Experts are also dedicated to screening infants and young children to ensure they get the necessary care. For example, early detection of amblyopia (before age 7) is crucial to the child’s eye health and development.

Learn More About the Conditions We Treat

Recommendations for Contacts, Glasses, and Further Care

We offer many options for vision correction after your eye exam at MezMerEyes Optical, p. In addition, our expert optical staff can help recommend glasses that fit your lifestyle specifically catered to eye health, refractive errors, and more.

Everyone needs a backup pair of glasses – even if you have contact lenses. If your child is the patient, we’ll take into account your child’s age and ability to transition from glasses to contact lenses.

If necessary, we can refer you or your child to a local ophthalmologist to discuss other vision correction options. We have a vast network of care in this area, and we maintain connections with specialists that serve patients with macular degeneration, retinal issues, glaucoma, and cataracts as well.

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No matter what kind of eye issue you’re facing, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff at True Eye Experts has you covered. With our custom treatment plans, advanced diagnostics, and ongoing follow-up care, we can help to keep your vision clear and healthy. Call (352) 292-8183 or request an appointment online today.


What Our Patients Say

“I have been getting my eyes checked by Dr. Samuel Teske for years. He is very thorough and thoughtful. The staff is also very professional and attentive. Highly recommend True Eye Experts!”
Everyone at this office is very friendly, helpful, and professional, whether it’s helping you buy new frames, being fitted for glasses, or just interacting at the front desk. If something is wrong with my glasses, they are quick to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend this office for all your eye care needs!”
“Dr. Randich is personable and thorough. She spends time educating her patients with warmth and genuine concern. Staff is always friendly, helpful, and quick!”
“Staff was very professional, and the eye exam used the latest technologies. Very impressed with all that was done to check my eyes. Great experience!”
I had an emergency and needed to be seen as soon as possible. They fit me in right away and got my injury addressed and on the road to recovery! The staff is so professional and caring! Everyone had a smile on their faces & was welcoming. Thank you so very much for everything! – Kristen L.

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