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True Eye Experts proudly serves Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding communities. We are located on the southwest corner of State Road 54 and Livingston Road at 23388 St. Rd 54, Unit 102, in Lutz, Florida.

If coming from the North, come down I-75 and head West down State Road 54 toward Livingston. If coming from Wesley Chapel, head west on 54 and take a right at the Livingston intersection. If coming from the South, take the exit right after the I-75 and 275 merge coming out of Tampa and the State Road 54 exit.

Here are some of the communities that we service in the Wesley Chapel and Lutz area:

  • Avendale
  • Calusa Trace
  • Cheval
  • Cordoba Estates
  • Crenshaw Lakes
  • Crystal Acres
  • Crystal Cove
  • Crystal Lakes
  • Cypress Cove
  • Deer Park Preserve
  • Heritage Harbor
  • Lakes at Heron Cove
  • Ladera
  • Lake Como
  • Lutz Lake Fern
  • Pine Crest Estates
  • Reflections
  • Sierra Pines
  • Stonebrier
  • The Manors at Crystal Lakes
  • Villarosa

We love that Wesley Chapel is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, with stores, resorts, award-winning dining locations, and parks constantly popping up throughout the area. Enjoy some lunch at Panera Bread, located right in our plaza, and Chase Bank is located conveniently across the street. We also happen to have a racetrack in our plaza!

Whether you’re looking for an excellent meal or a quiet place to sit and watch the wildlife, we want you to enjoy it with the clear vision you deserve.

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Expert Eye Care in Wesley Chapel and Lutz, Florida

At True Eye Experts, we believe in eye care that puts you first. A personalized, one-on-one experience is our top priority! Led by seasoned medical professionals Dr. Samuel J. Teske and Dr. Taylor Randich, you will receive optimal care from our optometric team and ample time with our doctors to ensure your issues are heard and addressed.

Our Lutz location specializes in eye care for the whole family. From our innovative eye exams to fitting your eyewear to your unique vision needs, our highly experienced staff will provide thorough, high-quality eye care in any situation. You’ll find the variety of services, advanced technology, and practical expertise you’re looking for at True Eye Experts, whether you or anyone in your family needs a simple eye exam or an issue requiring more comprehensive care.

We consider every factor that determines your best choice of eyewear. Once you’ve been thoroughly assessed, we respond by doing the technical work that ensures you receive the best in both function and fashion. Our expert optical team will analyze your prescription, lifestyle, personal taste, and face shape to help you decide which lenses and frames will be your perfect match.

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Experienced Pediatric Eye Doctor in Lutz, FL

For the best pediatric optometrist in Lutz, visit Dr. Taylor Randich of True Eye Experts, the go-to eye doctor in Lutz for children who need their first eye exam. Dr. Randich, our primary pediatric eye care specialist, is passionate about helping young patients.

While enrolled in the College of Optometry at Ohio State University, Dr. Randich participated in numerous mission trips in Central and South America, helping many children with various eye conditions. She also participated in several externships early in her career.

At True Eye Experts, 10% of Dr. Randich’s patients are young children. Parents in the Lutz community trust her to gently guide their children through the eye exam. Then, she explains treatment options in a way that both the parent and child can understand.

Dr. Randich has no age limits when assessing a child’s vision needs. So if a child shows earlier signs of vision problems, she can complete an eye exam for infants younger than six months.

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No matter what kind of eye issue you’re facing, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff at True Eye Experts of Lutz has you covered. With our custom treatment plans, advanced diagnostics, and ongoing follow-up care, we can help to keep your vision clear and healthy. Call (813) 602-0697 or request an appointment online today.

Doctors and Staff in Wesley Chapel and Lutz, Florida

  • Dr. Samuel J. Teske

    Dr. Samuel J. Teske, O.D.

    TPA/DPA Certified Optometric Physician

    New Tampa, Lutz Learn More
  • Dr. Taylor Randich, O.D.

    Primary Care Optometry for All Patients

    Trinity, New Tampa, Lutz Learn More
  • Erin Neylan, LDO

    General Manager


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Our comprehensive eye exams use the latest technology to assess your vision quality and ocular health through techniques like corneal topography, retinal imaging, and more. We also assist in treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, and other common eye health conditions.

Your Trusted Source for quality eyewear

With an endless variety of lens types and frames, we will help you find the perfect eyewear to suit your vision needs. We stock a wide variety of designer frames and lens enhancements to perfectly complement your prescription.

Solutions for Hard-to-Fit
Contact Lens Patients

Contact lenses aren’t “one-size-fits-all,” and the wrong lenses can affect your quality of vision. If you’ve had trouble with contacts in the past, True Eye Experts can help with our personal contact lens fittings and specialized options. We also offer Ortho-K therapy for children with myopia.

Exam Rooms Built for Your Child’s Comfort

Undergoing an eye exam and getting eyeglasses from an optician can be a strange experience for young children. That’s why we have child-friendly exam rooms just for them! Kids will see hand-painted animals wearing glasses on the walls to ease any anxiety about the eye exam.

Dr. Randich will also use sounds and lights to make the exam engaging and fun for the child. In addition, she uses a child’s favorite hobbies or fictional characters to connect with them and help them feel comfortable.

Free Eye Exams for Children Under One

We believe that the sooner you assess your child’s vision, the sooner you can diagnose and treat possible eye conditions for a happier and healthier life.

We know that not all parents can afford this initial exam, especially if they don’t notice any severe symptoms in their child. New patients who visit a Lutz eye doctor at True Eye Experts can get a free eye exam for their child under the age of one.

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Common Eye Conditions Treated in Our Lutz Eye Clinic

When you need to assess your eye health or access vision care, you’ll want to see an optometrist at True Eye Experts. Our eye doctors can diagnose and treat many different eye diseases. Here are some specialties our eye care specialists at True Eye handle daily.

Dry Eye

Dry eye disease occurs when your eye stops producing or doesn’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes properly. Without sufficient lubrication, your eyes will feel uncomfortable. Left untreated, dry eye can cause vision problems.

Dry eye affects millions yearly, so diagnosing and treating the condition is straightforward. Common symptoms include:

  • A burning, scratching, or stinging feeling
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Red eyes

If you notice these symptoms, come see us for an eye exam. Our primary optometrist, Dr. Taylor Randich, is a dry eye expert. With a diagnosis, she can provide the best treatment for you, such as medicated eye drops or prescription medicine.

Eye Allergies

Eye allergies also affect millions of Americans. However, the symptoms are nearly identical to those of dry eye, so knowing the root cause of your eye irritation will be challenging unless you see an eye doctor.

Those prone to allergies or who suffer from nasal allergies will likely experience eye allergies, too. So if your eyes are burning, itching, or tearing often, you’ll want to see an eye doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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Eye Consultations and Referrals in Lutz, FL

After receiving a diagnosis, our staff can treat your condition or refer you to a more specialized eye health professional. If we need to refer you to an ophthalmology clinic for further treatment, we can first answer all your frequently asked questions to ease your mind.


At True Eye Experts of Lutz, we see many cases of cataracts. Unfortunately, cataracts are a common age-related eye disease where a cloudy area forms on the eye’s lens. This causes your vision to be blurry, hazy, or less colorful, making reading and other daily activities difficult. Without treatment, cataracts will lead to vision loss.

Thankfully, cataract eye surgery is safe and will effectively treat the condition. If a True Eye optometrist diagnoses you with cataracts, they will refer you to an ophthalmologist for further treatment. This usually includes eye surgery.


Glaucoma is another common age-related eye disease that often requires surgery to correct. Glaucoma causes vision loss and sometimes blindness in untreated cases by damaging the optic nerve in the back of your eye.

In its early stages, there aren’t any telltale signs of glaucoma. But as time progresses, you will slowly lose vision, particularly your peripheral (side) vision. Since it can be challenging to determine if you have glaucoma, annual eye exams are essential, especially as you age or have a family history of the disease.

At True Eye Experts, we can treat mild glaucoma cases. However, if you have moderate to severe glaucoma, we’ll refer you to an ophthalmologist for further treatment.

Diabetic Eye Exams

If you live with diabetes, you are more susceptible to eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. High blood sugar levels from diabetes cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina.

If you have diabetes, you should have an eye exam at least yearly. At True Eye Experts, we conduct comprehension diabetic eye exams to identify eye conditions before they become more problematic to treat. Early intervention and treatment are always best.

LASIK and PRK Consultation

While we don’t perform LASIK and PRK surgeries ourselves, we can co-manage the procedure with a nearby ophthalmology professional. Before considering LASIK or PRK surgery, your eye doctor must determine the cause of your vision problems.

Keep in mind that LASIK doesn’t correct all vision issues. For example, LASIK will not help improve your vision if you have one of these common age-related conditions: presbyopia or macular degeneration.

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Let us be your go-to source for quality eye care services, eyewear, and the prevention of eye diseases. Exams take about 30 minutes, with added time for complex cases and picking out eyewear. When you visit, be sure to check out our luxurious selection of high-quality eyewear brands, allowing you to customize your frames and lenses to your specific needs. Experience the best in eye care with True Eye Experts of Lutz!


What Our Patients Say

“I have been getting my eyes checked by Dr. Samuel Teske for years. He is very thorough and thoughtful. The staff is also very professional and attentive. Highly recommend True Eye Experts!”
Everyone at this office is very friendly, helpful, and professional, whether it’s helping you buy new frames, being fitted for glasses, or just interacting at the front desk. If something is wrong with my glasses, they are quick to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend this office for all your eye care needs!”
“Dr. Randich is personable and thorough. She spends time educating her patients with warmth and genuine concern. Staff is always friendly, helpful, and quick!”
“Staff was very professional, and the eye exam used the latest technologies. Very impressed with all that was done to check my eyes. Great experience!”
I had an emergency and needed to be seen as soon as possible. They fit me in right away and got my injury addressed and on the road to recovery! The staff is so professional and caring! Everyone had a smile on their faces & was welcoming. Thank you so very much for everything! – Kristen L.

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