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True Eye Experts is proud to serve New Tampa and the surrounding communities, including:

  • University
  • Tampa Palms
  • Temple Terrace
  • Thonotosassa
  • Lake Magdalene
  • Zephyrhills

The greater Tampa Bay area has so much to offer, from waterside adventures like the Tampa Riverwalk to rollercoaster rides at Busch Gardens. So whether relaxing on the beach or visiting one of our many outdoor restaurants, we’ll help you see it all with your best possible vision.

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Expert Eye Care in New Tampa, Florida

A personalized, one-on-one experience is our top priority. You will receive optimal care from our optometric assistants and ample time with our doctors to ensure that your issues are being heard and addressed.

We take into consideration every factor that determines your best choice of eyewear—once you’ve been thoroughly assessed, we respond in kind by putting in the technical work that ensures you receive the best in both function and fashion. Our doctors will analyze your prescription, lifestyle, personal taste, and face shape to help you decide which lenses and frames will be your perfect match.

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No matter what kind of eye issue you’re facing, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff at True Eye Experts of New Tampa has you covered. With our custom treatment plans, advanced diagnostics, and ongoing follow-up care, we can help to keep your vision clear and healthy. Call (813) 710-4015 or request an appointment online today.

Doctors and Staff in New Tampa, Florida

  • Dr. Iris Matsukado, O.D.

    Contact Lenses Specialist

    New Tampa Learn More
  • Dr. Samuel J. Teske

    Dr. Samuel J. Teske, O.D.

    TPA/DPA Certified Optometric Physician

    New Tampa, Lutz Learn More
  • Dr. Taylor Randich, O.D.

    Primary Care Optometry for All Patients

    Trinity, New Tampa, Lutz Learn More
  • Dr. Melissa Mercer, O.D.

    Primary Care Optometry for All Patients

    Trinity, New Tampa Learn More

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We make your annual eye exam easy! In addition to testing your vision, we also perform in-depth eye health checkups. Our optical team uses corneal topography, OCT scans, optomap retinal imaging, and visual field testing to diagnose potential problems.

Designer Eyewear

Need new frames? Look through our selection of over a dozen brands of stylish designer eyewear, including daily glasses, sunglasses, and kids’ frames. After filling your lens prescription, our opticians can help adjust your glasses to fit comfortably on your face.

Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

We’re proud to serve patients with “hard-to-fit” contact lens needs. Our eye doctors provide personalized lens fittings and specialized options for patients who need a more comfortable, custom fit. From scleral contact lenses to orthokeratometry therapy for kids with myopia, we’re here to help.

Pediatric Eye Care in New Tampa, Florida

True Eye Experts of New Tampa is your must-visit vision center for a family-friendly eye doctor in New Tampa. Our healthcare providers specialize in providing pediatric eye care services to children of all ages.

Even if your child is too young to describe their vision problems verbally, the eye doctors of True Eye Experts of New Tampa have many tools to help assess your child’s eye health.

For example, digital eye charts can help assess children who don’t yet know the alphabet.

Additionally, by looking at the eye structure, the doctor can properly assess the overall eye health or ocular health. Once the doctor identifies the issue, they will discuss vision care options that both the parent and child can understand. Our New Tampa eye doctors are excellent at explaining the exam and treatment process to children.

We also encourage parents to ask questions throughout the examination to alleviate any concerns.

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Eyeglass Repair in New Tampa, FL

Our True Eye Experts of New Tampa opticians offer many different repair options for your eyeglasses. If your eyeglasses break, we can likely perform an inexpensive repair, such as the ones listed here, so you don’t need to buy a brand-new pair.

Temple Repairs

Temple repairs are one of the most common eyeglass repairs we perform at True Eye Experts. If the temple breaks, we can typically take it off and replace it with a new one. Regardless of the style or material, most eyeglasses allow us to remove and replace the temples. Of course, we’ll do our best to match the new temples with your frames.

Nose Pad Repairs

For glasses with nose pads, at some point, the pads may become worn down or may loosen and fall off with repeated use.

Should your glasses need new nose pads, we can replace them in just a few minutes. We have a variety of nose pads available to ensure a comfortable fit on your face.

Additional Repairs

If your frame snaps, lenses shatter, or screws fall loose, we can fix it for you. For glasses with bents, breakages, or missing parts, we use specialized tools to get the pieces back in place, and your glasses will look new again.

We can repair all frame types, including:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Rimless
  • Titanium

Disclaimer for Glasses Purchased Elsewhere

For new patients, we can fix most broken glasses, even if you purchased them from another store. Come in and speak with our optician about getting a quick repair scheduled.

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Types of Specialized Glasses Offered in Our New Tampa Eye Clinic

In addition to daily eyeglasses and contact lenses, True Eye Experts of New Tampa offers specialized glasses and contact lenses to maintain eye health and prevent vision loss further. Below you can see some of the options we offer.

Computer Glasses

Even if you have perfect vision, spending a lot of time looking at digital devices damages your eyes. Blue light can cause irritation, dry eye, and eye strain. Continuous exposure to blue light can even lead to chronic headaches, migraines, and neck and shoulder pain.

So if you spend a lot of time looking at the computer or other screens, visit us in New Tampa for blue light-blocking computer glasses. They will keep your eyes healthy and prevent unruly symptoms from creeping up on you.


Neurolens are another excellent option for those with a lot of exposure to blue light who need help minimizing the symptoms of digital eye strain. They use a contoured prism to realign your eyes and alleviate pressure on the trigeminal nerve.

They also help those who have problems reading or doing up-close work. If you spend a lot of time on the computer or suffer from chronic headaches because of eye strain, you benefit immensely from these lenses.

If you want to try Neurolens, visit a eye doctor at True Eye Experts of New Tampa. We’re the only eye clinic in the Tampa area with access to these unique lenses.

Varilux Lenses

Varilux progressive lenses sit comfortably over the cornea to provide a smooth transition between objects that are far and objects that are near.

Unlike bifocals, which have an abrupt change between near and far viewing, Varilux progressive lenses provide users with sharp vision at any distance. No more blurriness when objects are at arm’s length!

Varilux offers three lenses to guarantee all wearers maximum comfort and the most natural vision possible.

Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing a good pair of sunglasses is essential for those who enjoy spending time in the sun. Failure to protect your eyes from the sun could result in one of several eye diseases, such as eye cancer and, possibly, eye surgery.

If you wear daily eyeglasses for vision correction, we can easily place your prescription in a pair of sunglasses. This is the best way to enjoy the sunshine while protecting your eyes.

Prescription Reading Glasses

Prescription reading glasses can help you read books, maps, newspapers, or anything on a digital device without putting any strain on your eyes. If you often notice your eyes are dry or irritated after reading, it’s time to see an eye doctor about reading glasses. Even a weak prescription can help strengthen near-sighted vision and lessen symptoms of tired eyes.

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Let us be your go-to source for quality eye care services, eyewear, and the prevention of eye diseases. Exams take about 30 minutes, with added time for complex cases and picking out eyewear. When you visit, be sure to check out our luxurious selection of high-quality eyewear brands, allowing you to customize your frames and lenses to your specific needs. Experience the best in eye care with True Eye Experts of New Tampa!


What Our Patients Say

“I have been getting my eyes checked by Dr. Samuel Teske for years. He is very thorough and thoughtful. The staff is also very professional and attentive. Highly recommend True Eye Experts!”
Everyone at this office is very friendly, helpful, and professional, whether it’s helping you buy new frames, being fitted for glasses, or just interacting at the front desk. If something is wrong with my glasses, they are quick to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend this office for all your eye care needs!”
“Dr. Randich is personable and thorough. She spends time educating her patients with warmth and genuine concern. Staff is always friendly, helpful, and quick!”
“Staff was very professional, and the eye exam used the latest technologies. Very impressed with all that was done to check my eyes. Great experience!”
I had an emergency and needed to be seen as soon as possible. They fit me in right away and got my injury addressed and on the road to recovery! The staff is so professional and caring! Everyone had a smile on their faces & was welcoming. Thank you so very much for everything! – Kristen L.

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