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Advanced AMD Testing

Written by True Eye Experts

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss for adults in the U.S. With 1 in 3 patients at high risk for developing AMD, our eye doctors have started using the most advanced technology available to screen for key risk factors.

Our MPOD technology helps us measure your macular pigment to assess your chances of developing AMD. Learning as much as we can about your macular health helps us determine an effective and accurate treatment plan to protect the long-term health of your eyes.

Thorough Macular Health Screening

Because we at True Eye Experts care about the future of your eyes, we’ve invested in the latest technology for assessing macular health. Our QuantifEye MPS II technology gives us a comprehensive view of your macular health and tells us what visual conditions you’re at risk of developing. Your optometrist can determine if you can benefit from an MPOD evaluation during your routine eye exam.

What is MPOD?

MPOD stands for Macular Pigment Optical Density, and it’s the most precise measurement for understanding your macular health. A low macular pigment density increases your risk of developing AMD. A healthy macular pigment works like an internal shield for your eye, blocking damaging blue light from reaching the retinal cells in the back of your eye.

A functioning macula helps with visual sharpness, contrast sensitivity, light sensitivity, and recovery from glare. With 78% of the population having less than ideal macular pigment, MPOD testing can help your eye doctors determine the treatments you need to ensure healthy vision.

QuantifEye MPS II Technology

We use the QuantifEye MPS II technology, the new standard in MPOD screening. It measures how much pigment is currently in your macula, your risk for developing AMD, and how well your macular treatments are working.

Less than 5% of optometrists in Florida are using this crucial technology. At True Eye Experts, we know just how important macular health is to the overall vision. We use these sophisticated tests on patients who are already at risk for macular degeneration. If your screening shows you have less than .5 pigment, we will recommend protective macular health vitamins.

Schedule Your MPOD Exam

You can schedule your MPOD screening as a part of your comprehensive eye exam or on its own. Our MPOD exam is quick, easy, and only costs $39.99.

Take control of your vision’s future and ask about our MPOD screening today!

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