Same-Day Glasses Service in Apopka, FL

What are you supposed to do if you suddenly lose or break your only pair of glasses? 

Undoubtedly, you’ll need a replacement pair right away. But glasses usually take several days (or weeks) to make, meaning you’ll be unable to see correctly until then.

At True Eye Experts of Apopka (formally Clarke’s Hunt Club Optical), we offer same-day glasses service for Apopka, Florida, and the surrounding areas so that you won’t be without your most trusted eyewear for long.

Here’s what to know about getting your new eyeglasses with us!

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Apopka

Before getting your new glasses made, an optometrist will give you a comprehensive eye exam that includes an in-depth eye health assessment. Even if you felt that your vision was good in your lost or broken glasses, it’s always best to see whether you need an updated prescription before buying new eyewear. In fact, routine eye health checks are important, as they include any potential update to your prescription.

Suppose vision problems are what prompted you to need new eyeglasses or contacts. In that case, an exam will ensure not only that your visual complaints are addressed but also that these changes in vision are not correlated to any changes in eye health since you last saw an optometrist in Apopka or elsewhere.

If it turns out you have an emergency eye situation, we can take care of you. That’s because, in addition to our same-day service prescription glasses in Apopka, FL, we have emergency eye care services.

In some cases, you may also need to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss a developing condition that requires eye surgery. In that case, your optometry professional will refer you to an ophthalmologist.

An ophthalmologist can perform surgery for the following conditions, along with many others:

  • Cataracts
  • Detached retina
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal tear

Of course, we can get you same-day glasses until you can see an ophthalmologist for further care should you need it.

Choose From Designer Brands

When you come to select your same-day glasses, we have a wide selection of high-quality designer frames for you to browse. This includes high-fashion brands like:

  • Gucci
  • Michael Kors
  • Tory Burch

We also have functional brands like Columbia and Nike.

At True Eye Experts, we carry all of America’s most suitable contacts & eyeglasses, so we guarantee you will find a suitable pair of glasses regardless of the brand, style, or price you desire.

And if you need help choosing your eyeglass frames, our in-store opticians can help. They are experts at assisting customers in finding the eyewear for their specific prescription with your perfect style in mind.

How Getting Same-Day Glasses Works

Most pairs of glasses take a week to make, but the optical lab at True Eye Experts has ultra-precise equipment to make new lenses at a moment’s notice. This is how we can offer high-quality prescription lenses to customers on the same day!

Simply pick out the frames you want, and we’ll match our lenses to your exact prescription.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer same-day service for bifocals. However, our customers report that we work diligently to get your new eyewear to you in the fastest time possible.

In most instances, same-day contacts are available as long as we have your prescription in stock. Plus, an optician will help with the contact lens fitting, so you leave the clinic feeling confident, knowing how to put your contacts in and take them out correctly.

How You Can Access Same-Day Prescription Glasses

You can access same-day glasses by checking our website for available appointments. This way, you can quickly see if we have any openings with an eye doctor for the day. For those who need assistance with eyewear, choose “Eye Exam” and select whether you’re a new or existing patient. If you need help with contact lenses, choose “Eye Exam With Contacts.”

If you don’t see any same-day appointments on our website, then give us a call at (407) 862-2020. We may have same-day openings available or a last-minute cancellation that isn’t showing online.

For those nearby, you can drop in and see what appointment slots are available. Our eye clinic is in Hunt Club Corners, right off Florida State Road 436 (Semoran Blvd.).

We currently don’t offer walk-in appointments, but you are welcome to stop by if you are willing to wait, depending on doctor availability.

Affordable Eyeglasses in Apopka

True Eye Experts is the top vision care clinic in the Orlando area for those who desire affordability. So whether you live in Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Forest City, or anywhere along the Wekiva River, we will get you a great deal on your eye exam and new eyewear.

Aside from our affordable prices, we also accept most major health and vision insurance plans. So you never have to worry about breaking the bank when it comes to your eye care if you visit the professionals at True Eye Experts.

Get Your Glasses Now!

There’s no reason you should wait a week or more for your new glasses. So anytime you need new eyewear, use True Eye Experts’ same day glasses-service in Apopka to avoid the wait.
Schedule your appointment today from our website, or give us a call. Again, our number is (407) 862-2020.


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