What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are specialized eyeglass lenses that have different prescriptions as the wearer looks up and down the lens. Some people call these types of lenses a no-line bifocal.  (However, these should not be confused with transition lenses that tint when you go outside.)

Progressive lenses have no lines and don’t detract from your appearance. They can be worn high on the face, unlike a lot of reading glasses. Modern progressive lenses can even be designed and mounted into almost any shape or size frame, including being adapted into sunglasses.

Who Needs Progressive Lenses?

The most common reason that people need progressive lenses is that they have an age-related condition, called presbyopia. This is where your near-focusing ability fades away naturally as you grow older. As a result, you need progressive lenses to see clearly at both near and far distances.

How do Progressive Lenses Work?

Progressive lenses are very complex in the way that they are designed and fabricated. However, progressive lenses are very easy to use. When properly fitted, a patient can simply look straight through the top of the lens and have a sharp vision for distant objects. As the eyes slowly gaze downward through the bottom of the lens, there is magnification in the lens that “progressively” gets stronger. The wearer can choose how much reading power they want or need, depending on what they are trying to focus on. This is because of the gradual nature of the power range the wearer has at his or her disposal.

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